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Dino Half Toys by LearnPlay

by LearnPlay

£12.00 / Sold Out

Prior to DesignerCon, we spoke with the guys at LearnPlay about their Dino Half Toy series which we had fallen in love with. As the guys were based in LA, they dropped off a number of these awesome Dinosaurs for our DCon booth.

They were a huge hit with adults & kids alike. Drawing attention to their skeleton insides, plus the magnetised 'skin' too!

We have a small number left after DesignerCon that we would like to offer you guys the opportunity to purchase.

We have all six Dinos available, but in limited numbers of each. We can't add more than five photos. They are all as equally cute as the ones we are able to show. Once each dino sells out, we'll add some new pictures. You can check out further images on our Instagram - @thetoychronicle